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  • Experience a stress-free move with Move Your Stuff. Choose us, and here's what you can expect:

  • Initiate a personalized discussion with our friendly representatives to outline your unique needs.

  • Collaborate with our adept management to craft a meticulous plan, leaving no room for unexpected surprises.

  • Entrust your move to a team with a sterling reputation throughout the Greater Toronto Area, boasting years of proven experience.

  • Enjoy bespoke moving procedures tailored to accommodate the specific demands of commercial ventures or relocations.

  • Prioritization of your organizational needs as we expedite the process of getting your space in order swiftly and efficiently.

  • Respect for your time is our commitment; we dispatch promptly and communicate transparently, ensuring minimal disruptions.

  • Elevate your moving experience with complementary services like expert packing, meticulous unpacking, and seamless furniture building and installation."


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    • ► What factors determine the cost of my move?
    • The distance, volume, and additional services requested influence the overall moving cost. Request a personalized quote for accurate pricing.

    • ► Is my furniture covered by insurance during the move?
    • Yes, our comprehensive insurance covers your furniture and belongings, ensuring protection throughout the entire moving process. If it is damaged during the move, we will pay for it.

    • ► How much notice is needed to schedule a move?
    • Ideally, scheduling your move up to a week in advance allows for proper planning and ensures availability on your preferred date. However, you can call to schedule the move the day before or the day of, but we may be booked.

    • ► Is there a fee for rescheduling or canceling my move?
    • Cancellation policies vary, but providing ample notice helps avoid unnecessary fees. We won't charge cancellation fees unless they are very short notice, such as the morning of the move.

    • ► What type of payment methods do you accept?
    • We accept cash, paypal, and etransfer

      If you are unsure about the validity of your payment method, give us a call!
    • ► How long will my move take?
    • The length of the move depends on several factors, such as the distance between addresses, amount of transported items, or the number of workers employed, but Move Your Stuff always does its best to finish your move in a single day. We give rough estimates of the time needed during our on-site inspection, but you can also call us for a general one!

    • ► Do you disassemble and reassemble furniture during the move?
    • Yes, our skilled team is equipped to disassemble and reassemble furniture as needed, ensuring a smooth and efficient moving process.

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(647)-982-1819 [email protected]

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    • ► Do you supply packing material and boxes?
    • Yes, we provide a complete packing and unpacking service, free of charge, to ensure that all of your items will be safe during transportation while keeping the costs low for you.

    • ► What are your hours of operation?
    • Our office takes calls from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Sunday. You can also send us an email, but calls allow us and you to communicate faster.
      Generally, we begin moves at 8-9am.

    • ► Is a deposit required?
    • No, we ask for payment at the end of the move. If you'd like to pay in advance, give us a call so we can sort it out.

    • ► How many movers will help with the shipment?
    • Move Your Stuff views every job on a case-by-case basis, so each move will need a different amount of workers. We try to finish the job in a single day, so the number of workers is based around that. Usually, two to five workers are employed.

    • ► Who should I contact during the move?
    • Booking a move with Move Your Stuff ensures you have a customer service team you can rely on for all questions and concerns. Calling 647-982-1819, before or during your move, allows any questions or requests of yours to be answered promptly.

    • ► Are there restrictions on the types of items I can move?
    • Yes. Moving some items can have legal consequences. To skip the details, if the item requires special handling to remove, such as gasoline, paint, paint thinners, hazardous waste, and fireworks, we will not accept them in the truck. You or a professional can move them, but we cannot.

      To see which items we can't move, go to Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations.
    • ► How do I give feedback after a move?
    • After you've finished a move, Move Your Stuff's phone lines are always open to hear from you. Call 647-861-4336 to talk to a representative. Did you find our services to be amazing? Would you kindly take a moment to leave us a Google Reviews review? It's among the greatest methods to impart your knowledge and assist others in locating knowledgeable local movers.

    • ► What should I do with my pets on moving day?
    • Your pets may become stressed on the moving day; the doors of the house will also be opened and closed frequently and to the pet, strangers will be in your home. We suggest that you find somewhere for them to stay on the moving day.

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